Cityflyer 68


The Cityflyer 68 is a classic flex-skateboard which is small, easy to handle, and fun to ride. It is perfect for your daily cruise to school or work while giving you the feeling only surfers and snowboarders know. The Cityflyer in the length of 68cm is perfect for kids or persons up to 1.60m.

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Wheel Base:


2 Flexes available:

​68 cm

19.7 cm

54 cm

camber 1.7 cm

soft flex 35-55 kg

hard flex 50-75 kg


- Viking high quality grip tape

- Fibreglass composite

- V-lam wood core beech/poplar

- Fibreglass composite

- Graphic layer

​The v-lam sandwich construction makes our skateboards lighter, tougher, provides a great flex profile, and prevents the board from torsional twisting

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